Name of Game Creator of Game URL to Download Game    
[m0d's] Crap-o-rama of unfinished games [m0ds]  
1st Person RPG Source Jeroen Dekker  
A Christmas Tale - A Very Merry Demo [m0ds]  
A Cup of Coffee is Worth a Thousand Bathroom Breaks Squalman  
A Day in School Demo Petergenius  
A Day in the Future Dorcan Broken Link  
Aaron's Epic Journey superhoughton Broken Link  
Ace Quest Mills J Ross  
Ace Quest 2 Demo Mills J Ross  
Adventure Noir Vargtass  
AGS Black Jack Vargtass  
AGS Draw Eric  
Andy Penis's Big Adventure Andy Penis (DGMacphee)  
Anton' Ulvfot's Superdisk- AGS Multiplayer Game Vargtass  
ASAP Adventure Jannar85  
August 2001 MAGS Ceremony DGMacphee  
Battle Quest Battle Interface Squalman Broken Link  
Beginning of the End Squalman  
Bert- The Newsreader Vargtass  
Bert- The Super Demon Slayer Guy Squinky  
Bleach Rodekill  
Bloo! CommaToes  
Bluecup on the Run Jannar85  
BlueGUI v2 rickj42  
Bob's Quest MrPanda Broken Link  
Bob's Quest II Demo MrPanda Broken Link  
Book of Spells I Spyros  
Book of Spells II Spyros  
Book of Spells III Spyros  
Burnin' Down the Castle Demo CUG  
Calsoon I Chrille  
Calsoon II Chrille  
Captain Disaster CaptainDisasterUK  
Castle Quest Demo Ionias Phyion  
Chafberg Demo Ben  
Crime Time Demo Scid  
Crown of Gold Helm  
Custard's Test Game Custard  
Dark Hero Demo DGMacphee  
Day of the Testicle [m0ds]  
Deepbright Demo RoberGrames  
Demo Game Steven Broken Link  
Dimensia Trailor AGS User Broken Link  
Dreams of Armageddon ambrosius (just a directory with no game)  
Earwig is ANGRY Rodekill  
El Burro Demo MonkeySpank  
Enchanted Lake Demo Sluggo86  
Ernie's Big Adventure Eric Moreau  
Ernie's Big Adventure II Dr. Eric Moreau  
Evil Bert brettsgames  
Eyes of the Jade Sphinx Demo Game Geezer     ?  
Eyes of the Jade Sphinx Demo II Dave Gilbert  
Fight Quest Ed20  
Firewall: The Demo LilGryphMaster  
Fly 1.1 Alegnas (Sylpher's Woman)  
Fred/Space Demo Mark ONeill  
Gaea Fallen amaranth  
Garfield Demo Kairus  
Gorthor of the Cave People Layabout  
Henkka - Mini Quest Aqwell Foli  
HighwayGal's Untitled game HighwayGal  
Holocaust Museum LilGryphMaster  
Hour Quest CommaToes  
House Quest Mr. Anonymousssssssssss Broken Link  
Hugo's House of Horrors Remake Spyros Taken down by HHH creator… Can still acquire it from Spyros  
Ian's Untitled Game Ian James  
Inquisitor Demo Inquisitor 4000  
Insert Name Here Quest lollygobble  
Java Jo's Koffee Stand! FenderQ  
Jim the Very Unsleepy Splat Egg Head Cheesy Bird Broken Link  
July 2001 MAGS Ceremony DGMacphee  
June MAGS Ceremony DGMacphee  
Kidnapped LilGryphMaster (Harry did the art)  
Kings Quest I VGA Anonymous Game Creators 1,2,3  
Kinky Island Preview [m0ds]  
Larry Vales  Phil Reed (simple)  
Larry Vales II Phil Reed (simple)  
Larry Vales III Demo Phil Reed (simple)  
Lassi & Roger: Venture a Bit Jannar85  
Lassi and Roger: Meet the God Jannar85  
Lassi Quest I Visy  
Lassi Quest II Demo Visy  
Lassie Quest 1 Remake Demo visy Broken Link  
Lee & Perrin Demo Yahtzee  
Leisure Suit Larry 4 Demo Ibex  
Life of Death Demo Punch  
Little Johnny Evil Das Kandyman  
Little Willy's Dart Game Spyros  
Little Willy's Shotgun Fun Zone Ben  
Looping Town Demonstration Kairus  
MAGS: Fad of Devil's Hash MonkeySpank  
MAGS: Highly Hip Hendrix Scid  
MAGS: I Want Candy CommaToes Broken Link  
MAGS: James Bondage Jeroen Dekker Broken Link  
MAGS: Jingle Bells Magintz  
MAGS: MonkeyPlank MonkeySpank  
MAGS: Monkeyville nickboy77 Broken Link  
MAGS: Night of the Plumber Relight  
MAGS: Phillip Innings and the Murder at the Fish Hotel Ed20  
MAGS: Pixely Pete and the Schpeitzfeld Manor Ben  
MAGS: Sam the Pirate Monkey Vargtass  
MAGS: The Dog Kennel Ghormak Broken Link  
MAGS: The Lost Chamber abstauber  
MAGS: Tiny Green Piece of Crap MonkeySpank  
MAGS: Treasure of Monkey Penninsula Ed20  
MAGS: Wet Spyros  
MAGS: Who Killed Kenny Rogers 2ma2  
Masturbation thing CUG  
Mid-Town Shootout Vargtass  
Mind Orb Demo Robert Eric  
Mittens Murder Mystery + Speech Pack Grundislav  
Mom's Quest Blub  
Moose Wars Ghormak  
Mouse Measure: Psychology Lab Relight  
Mr Grey's Greyt Adventure Fuzzpliz  
Murder Relight  
Nicholas Wolfe Demo Vargtass  
Night of the Hermit Roy Lazarovich  
Ninja Quest Ghormak  
No Kings Quest Ghormak  
Nomedom Inc. mrvoodoo  
Not Another Space Quest Aqwell Foli  
Novo Mestro Las Naranjas  
Old Park CommaToes  
Old Person's Quest Demo Robert Eric  
Open-Source Verb Coin 2ma2  
PD Igor  
Perils of Poom Demo M  
Permanent Daylight 2ma2  
Perpetrator Esseb  
Pezzo Berturm and the Band That Wouldn't Die Crash  
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island Squinky  
Pirate Fry II Demo Squinky  
Pizza Quest Ionias Phyion  
Pleurghburg: The Dark Ages Chrille  
Point Blank Demo Magintz  
Porn Quest Grundislav  
Project Evilspy - FenderQ meets Jeeforce for lunch! FenderQ  
Quest for Glory IV.V TheHitchHikr  
Raymond's Keys Ben  
Record Quest invaderbug  
Red Flagg Scid  
Retards Game okii Broken Link  
Richard Longhurst and the Box That Ate Time Captain Mostly  
Robert Redford Saves the Day: Part I The Butcher  
Rock Quest Demo nickboy77  
Rode Quest Rodekill  
Rodekill: A Day in the Life Rodekill  
Roger Quest Scid (rename .ags to .zip)  
Roger's Mocking Adventure DarkStalkey  
RON: Beach Party (Incomplete) Dave Gilbert  
RON: Blastoff! netmonkey  
RON: Cabbages and Kings Creed Malay  
RON: Davy Jones Ces't Mort Captain Mostly  
RON: Davy Jones Is Back Chas  
RON: Dr. Dee Vie Ess Davis  
RON: Edge of Reality Demo bspeers  
RON: Fowl Play Ionias Phyion  
RON: Hooky McPegleg-Pirate Postman Grundislav  
RON: I Spy Cornjob  
RON: Intergalactic Life Das Tobias  
RON: Lost Treasure of RON Grundislav  
RON: Lunchtime of the Damned Yahtzee  
RON: Mika's Surreal Dream Das Tobias  
RON: Monty on the Norm Prakk  
RON: Nightwatch Ross Norton  
RON: Nilhisim Captain Mostly  
RON: Paranormal Investigation Petergenius  
RON: Postman Only Dies Once GameGeezer  ?  
RON: The Chef Grundislav  
RON: The Repossesser Dave Gilbert  
RON: The Soviet Union Strikes Again Ben Pettengill  
RON: The Universal Equiliser Helm  
RON: Vengence of the Chicken Ed20  
September 2001 MAGS Ceremony DGMacphee  
Short Mills J Ross  
Simpsons Demo Yurok12 Broken Link  
Six Day Assassin Eric  
Slacker Quest Vargtass  
Snail Quest I Helm  
Snail Quest II Helm  
Snail Quest III Helm  
SOL Helm  
Space Petergenius  
Space 2 Demo Petergenius  
Space Girl Alpha elratonperez Broken Link  
Space Mail Evenwolf  
Space Quest: The Goliath Series Menbailee  
Spongebob Squarepants Demo Jaonathbu  
Stickmen DGMacphee  
The 2nd Moon Adventure - Part I Das Tobias Broken Link  
The Adventures of Lou Marou Demo ScurveyEye Broken Link  
The Dark Hero Demo DGMacphee  
The Easter Bunny's Splendiferous Adventure Grundislav  
The Island DimaSoftware  
The Joruney Home: Part I DarkStalkey  
The Little South Park Preview Psykopath Broken Link  
The Lost Tape Droopy Eye  
The Mouse That Couldn't Die Esseb  
The Park LilGryphMaster  
The Pigeon AGSking3001  
The Uncertainty Machine Demo ratracer2  
The Quest for My Raincoat Layabout Broken Link  
The Tower Mr. Anonymousssssssssss  
The Vestibule Demo abstauber  
The Wambus Demo Sylpher  
The Warp LilGryphMaster  
The Zero Hero Demo Magintz  
Tikkle-me-Andy! Andy Penis (DGMacphee)  
Time Machine Grundislav  
Tulle's World 1: Roving in Candale Andail  
Tulle's World II: The Ordeal Andail Unavailable, Taken down  
Tulle's World III: The Glorious Realm of Thendor Andail  
Ultimerr XXII DGMacphee  
Untitlted Demo Game manu79  
VonLudwig Unilin Currently Unavailable  
WaitKey(); Joke Game Erica McLane
What Time is it Demo 2ma2  
Where's My Raincout Remake Jeroen Dekker Broken Link  
Zak McKracken 2 Lucasfan